Hi and welcome to my site! Please take a look around & you just might find yourself having fun!

Now let me introduce myself.

My name is Nancy Baldry. A Floridian native, I moved to Canada in 1996 after living in Missouri for a few years. Growing up in Florida, I had the great opportunity to go to the Silver Spurs Rodeo just outside of Kissimmee, Florida with my Uncle every year. As a child, I had two passions; rodeo & photography. I still love rodeo and the cowboy way of life. Even though I do not have opportunity to compete in rodeo, I live to photograph the action that happens in the arena.

I got my start doing what I love out of pure boredom. After listening to my husband rambling on weekend after weekend announcing rodeos, I picked up my Olympus OM10 with my 55mm lens & just started taking pictures. The very first rodeo I photographed was Watson Lake, YT in 2000. It was from this rodeo that my rodeo photography experience grew. I went to the back of the bucking chutes and started taking photos of anything & everything that looked interesting; pictures of Andy Copeland helping kids set up their buck shank & riding saddle bronc to Ash "Crash" Cooper preparing to clown while taking time to talk to the kids. For a while I was getting a lot of backdoor shots of bulls & horses, but that didn’t matter to me as I was doing something that I loved.

Over the next few years I honed my technique by studying what ever media source I could get my hands on that specialized in rodeo & the horse industry. I would study what other photographers were doing & what competitors & spectators a like were looking for. I put myself out there to be critiqued by the competitors themselves. To this day I still ask the competitors to see if there may be something specific that they may be looking for that I have not yet thought of.

Today, I travel all over western Canada taking photos of rodeos as well as team ropings, bull ridings, and barrel races. Every spring I look forward to being able to hit the road & start travelling the rodeo trail once again. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of this great sport & cowboy way of life. I am also very lucky to have met so many great people over the last few years and many miles and I am confidant that I will meet many more in the years and miles to come.

I hope that you will enjoy what you see here. My intent is that you feel the passion and energy that I feel by striving to take that perfect rodeo shot. If you are a competitor and you would like to contact me either to order a photo or even offer a suggestion/critique I can be reached at